Diana Nuzuin Enterprise is a business handled by a husband, Amir Azfar named after his beloved wife. We believe the purpose of living is based on doing what you love and that is the reason why Diana Nuzuin Enterprise was officially established back in 2013 into a serious business. It started as a home-based brand that serves graphic designs in corporate events, local novels and wedding supplies. We are currently a team of three after our first born Malique Ali in 2015. Everyday our missions are to create and deliver as best as we can.

Meanwhile, Pretty Chaos is the brainchild emerged from the idea of making pretty things in between chaos. Diana Nuzuin, who is a mompreneur, juggling things between being a mom and dealing with clients are the main priorities. Pretty Chaos is a collection of personal handpainted artwork from Diana Nuzuin for her special collectors.

In February 2019,  Paperdorable entered this family-based enterprise. Paperdorable was established back in 2015 and was one of the leading online stationery store in Malaysia. Paperdorable offered premium stationeries which set them apart from other local stationery brands. After two years of inactivity, Paperdorable is currently making a comeback underneath Diana Nuzuin Enterprise and will seek to grow further as a stationery tycoon.

For us, this is not just another family based enterprise. We are more than just a team that work and supports each other to make our dreams happen in making our own living. We love meeting new people and making new memories. We hope our design journey will at least, leave a sentimental value to our special clients.

We are mainly serving Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei currently. Email at [email protected] to reach us!

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