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Inspired by the 2012 American romantic comedy-drama adapted from a novel, Silver Linings Playbook.
The story was an irreverent but real look at mental illness. Pat, a charming yet volatile young man with bipolar disorder,
meets a  quirky, seriously depressed young widow named Tiffany. The result? An edgy and unpredictable attraction. Tiffany was having a tough time coping with life after her husband’s death. But with the arrival of Pat in her life, things changed. 

The message of the movie was quite clear, which is it takes a lot of mutual support for people to be their best selves.
And that if we’re not afraid of mental illness, and we don’t try to hide it, we can help people manage their symptoms and live up to their potential. The mint color of the background is inspired by the name, Tiffany.


140gsm texture paper

Foil stamping on Eid Mubarak and PrettyChaos logo 

10 pieces per packet

16.5cm x 8.5cm

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